We Have a Title

My new steampunk novel, coming from Red Sage Publishing 1 March 2010, finally has a name. You see, sometimes, writing the book is easy, finding cool characters and blowing up half the world (in the story, only in the story!), scheming along with the villains, keeping track of two fleets and dozens of secondary characters…all of that can be easy. You put the finishing touches, you find meaning, you clarify a few points, polish, polish, polish until you can see your teeth in your manuscript. Then you sit back and realize you still have only a working title for the thing. So you think to yourself, bah, I’ll find me a good title and submit it to my lovely editor.

Days later, you’re banging your head on the desk and wailing at the ceiling that the world has conspired against you, thwarted you in your reach for glory because…

Dude, you can’t find a damn title.

That’s when friends come fish your sorry butt out of the cold, murky lake (thanks Theresa, thanks Heather!)

I now have a title for my upcoming steampunk novel. FULL STEAM AHEAD! That’s right. Try to say that one out loud and not have a little tingle down your spine.

My lovely editor at Red Sage has a great article on the symbols and deeper themes within a manuscript. She took my book as example, and, as usual, found things I didn’t even know were there. She called it Making it Matter.


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3 Responses to We Have a Title

  1. Wow, just about a month away! Can’t wait to read it.

  2. ciarcullen says:

    What a great title! I’m looking forward to it, Natalie!

  3. Nathalie says:

    I’ll be doing something special, too, for this one. A countdown to the official unveiling of Deh Covah. Visual goodness to melt your face, yo!

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