Have Impregnable Fortress, Will Plot to Rule the Galaxy

I’ve been asked enough times by various people about my writing schedule and what’s in store for those of you who read my books without even being coerced or cornered into doing so. I know you guys exist! Behold! My schedule:

  • a cyberpunk novella for submission to Samhain Publishing’s call for Cyberpunk Goodness
  • a SFR series that will contain but won’t be limited to shifters, explosions, bad words in various languages, space pirates, eye-patches, Cheese Factor in the double digits, and last but not least cute mechanics in tight pants (you get to fantasize about the gender of said mechanics)
  • a fantasy novel about magic gone wrong and an autocratic system gone worse (100% completed, submitted)
  • a free short story, because I love you like that
  • a steampunk/action adventure novel set in Edo-era Japan

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2 Responses to Have Impregnable Fortress, Will Plot to Rule the Galaxy

  1. RedMango says:

    Very nice post!

  2. admin says:

    @RedMango Thanks! Working on the cyberpunk story today, then will finish a cover for an upcoming story by a most excellent and dementedly funny author whom I love.

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