Science Fiction Romance holiday blitz

Tomorrow, Heather from the Galaxy Express will launch this year’s SFR holiday Blitz. Lodas of fun and freebies, people. Don’t miss that one! In the meantime, I’ve stocked up on Caribou-spiked eggnog, warm blankets, Starbuck’s Coffee (the DEVIL came up with that stuff!), and plenty of pencils for my new project. I’m signing off for the holidays and will see you in 2011.

For baguette’s sake, where did 2010 go?!

P.S. my new project is a paranormal romance series planned for Samhain’s list in 2011. Think fashion-conscious demons, rogue angels, girls with guns, and tattooed studmuffins. :D Come January, I’ll do an offical unveiling of the series.

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  1. Thanks for the linkage, m’dear!

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