Amazon Page for Nathalie Gray

My good friend, Moira Rogers, has all these tricks up her sleeve. Want to know about code? She knows about code. Want to set something up with Amazon Author Central? She knows how. Which is what I just did moments ago. My Amazon Author page is now active. If the fancy strikes you, go have a look and tell me if I’ve included all the details that interest you.

Also, I’m in the process of adding new free stories to this site, probably under its own page so they’re easier to find. They’ll probably be in .pdf at first while I figure out how to format them for .lit, or Sony or epub.

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One Response to Amazon Page for Nathalie Gray

  1. Moira Rogers - Bree says:

    Hahaha, it is true! My brain is a useless vault of inane information! :p I need to get rid of some of it sometime so I can put something useful there!

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