ISBN: 9781603104487
Length: Novel
Publication Date: April 1st, 2010

Dashing pirates, odious villains and mouthy heroines fight for survival in this momentous steampunk story. I pulled out all the stops for this one. For those unfamiliar with this awesome genre, steampunk is a delightful mix of Victorian aesthetics and oh-so-shiny fantastical machines. If you enjoy a good historical romance mixed with an action ride that never stops, or a romance that will sweep you into a fantasy world of petticoats and steam pistols, armored dirigibles and floating fortresses, then FULL STEAM AHEAD is for you. Strap on your brass goggles, my lovelies, we’re weighing the anchor and hoisting the mizzen. Ahoy!


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ISBN: 9781419916267
Length: Novel
Publication Date: May 23, 2008

His invention could cost the world.

Mocked by the aristocracy for his eccentricity, his explosive inventions and flying machines, Leeford Gunn is content to let his peers say what they want. So what if he prefers the company of steel, brass and steam-powered machines? So what if his only friends are a quite mad cousin and a vinegary groundskeeper? He cares nothing what people think. Until he meets her. She embodies female perfection—wit, strength, beauty. That she wears a small armory worked into that fascinating corset of hers only adds to the allure.

Eleanor Cleverly takes pride in her perfect record. Yet her newest assignment is anything but common—Gunn might be a social disaster and gauche inventor by day, but at night, the handsome man reveals himself to be a skilled and vigorous lover, one for whom she rapidly falls. But to add to the chaos, he has more enemies than a loose-lipped financier and hands skilled enough to make her forget the reason she was assigned to his case. To kill him.


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